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For what it's worth, the threatened extinction of skills, talents or traditions that were never passed on does concern me quite a bit. I think of the many skills my grandparents or my father have, all the little things they're comfortable doing - practical knowledge that comes in useful - and I'm disconcerted that, having not been raised among them, I never picked up those skills. I feel rather unimpressive, actually, like I'm unable to handle eventualities that they would be able to handle because they have the knowledge and the practical awareness.
I do think like this as well, and so I try to do things myself whenever possible. I remember last year my kitchen sink was clogged for several days. No amount of Drano solved the problem, so I knew I was going to need actually to do stuff with the pipes.

Everybody I mentioned it to told me to call a plumber. Instead, I grabbed a big wrench and took the pipes apart myself. I found the clog and replaced part of the pipe by myself, and I probably ended up saving a bunch of money as a result. The new pipe cost me about $4.
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