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Re: "Best of both Worlds" - Special Bluray Release

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I used to have the double-length feature on VHS back in the day, and I used to watch it quite often because they're brilliant episodes. I had this tape before I saw part one by itself, and remember being quite shocked at the amazing cliffhanger that i missed out on. I may be remembering wrong, but I think the musical cue at the end of part one is a bit truncated in the edited-together version. There was definitely no cut to black.
While I haven't seen this UK version with the build-up to the firing of the deflector weapon omitted (just read the description on Memory Alpha), I hope they don't use it as a guide for this standalone Blu-ray.

When I made my feature-length version from the DVDs about ten years ago, I preserved the cut to black and then fade up into Part II. All I had to do was make the cut in Part I just after Troi's close-up and before the final dolly move in on Riker. Then, I edited Part II in during the recap right at that same moment, at the start of Riker's shot. It was a seamless cut, both picture and audio. I just silenced the center track on the, "And now the conclusion..." So there's a brief, music-only cut to black and fade up into Part II (and, of course, I removed the main title sequence from Part II).

What I'm hoping for is something almost exactly like what I did -- with the added benefit of HD, 7.1 lossless audio and no credits over Act I of Part II. That would be just fantastic.
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