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Things old ladies do...

I was laying on my couch the other day underneath the afghan than my grandma made for me a few years ago. Having never really paid much attention before, I found myself studying the stitching on my afghan, and I was very impressed. There are 4 different colors of yarn, all interwoven to form a very detailed pattern all throughout the entire blanket, and I couldn't help thinking of just how much work went into making this thing.

Then I got to thinking about the future. One day, my grandma will die, and when that happens, my family may never see another new afghan. My mom doesn't know how to make an afghan. My sister doesn't know how to make an afghan. Not that this is something that only women can, but I just don't see too many men crocheting blankets in their spare time.

My grandma has made an afghan for every member of my family. She is currently making one for my mom, and then we will all have one.

But what happens in the future? What happens if I ever have kids? Will my children grow up in a world where their grandmother didn't make them an afghan? Will we one day live on a planet where no grandmothers know how to make afghans? I shutter at the thought.

NOTE: This topic need not be limited to afghans. What are some other things that you can think of that are dying a slow death with every passing generation?
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