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Re: Putting the Shatner "ego issue" from TOS to rest

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I knew about the reciprocal relationship between Aurora and AMT, but not about the 1968 UK Spock kit. Thanks for the info, T-God.
It really originated in the UK in 1968? Star Trek wasn't run in the UK till June '69... Oh well, maybe they were planning ahead after looking at the US sales?
Yes, but Aurora jumped on licenses pretty quick when they were pushing TV and comic-based models. No other model maker during the 60s had as many licensed media figure kits, so its no surprise the striking look of Spock, the unusual uniform and weapons was thought to be right up their alley.

Aurora must have realized the BBC was preparing or interested in ST early on, as their box cover carried the line, "Mr. Spock of Star Trek - From the BBC TV series," instead of simply uisng AMT's subtitle "Star Trek's Most Popular Character."
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