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Re: Big Finish Multi-Doctor 50th Anny Announcement

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I almost understand the view for TV, for surely the audio medium should give you a little leeway...
Maybe at some point re-casting of characters played by dead actors might happen in the audios, but an audio drama celebrating the 50th anniversary (or any anniversary) doesn't really seem like the most appropriate place to start.

As this is a Star Trek board, I am reminded of DeForest Kelley and James Doohan. I know it's not a direct analogy given the nature of the Doctor (though not the Companions), but should we not be able to have Bones and Scotty stories because those great men have passed on?
That doesn't really compare, aside from Trek XI there hasn't been anything on screen featuring those characters since the early 1990s. Star Trek doesn't have audio dramas so using characters whose actor has died isn't really an issue. Aside from TV and movies, the only other medium Trek has are the novels. And Doctor Who does do novels featuring such characters. We recentally had a new novel featuring the Second Doctor and there's another one coming featuring the Third Doctor, the Brigadier, and the Delgado Master.
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