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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

^No, you're wrong about the intervals. The intervals in the "Enemy Within" motif are far, far wider. Counting both white and black keys on a keyboard, an octave is essentially 12 keys wide. Start at C, call that zero, then count upward one key at a time and the 12th key will be the next C. The first two notes in the "Enemy Within" motif are 5 keys apart; the next one is 6 keys below that; and the fourth note goes back up the whole 11 keys to the start. (The slightly smaller interval spans more keys because the intervals between adjacent keys aren't quite uniform; E and F are only one key apart, as are B and C. Transpose the same phrase to a different key and the number of piano keys spanned by an interval can change.) So the whole phrase spans just one half-step short of a full octave. But the two notes in the "Enterprise Incident" cue are only 1 key apart, half a step altogether, the smallest possible interval between two notes. The two phrases are very different.
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