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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

It was a silly episode, but they put a lot of effort into their silliness in this one. Who knew Klingon and Vulcan mating customs were so similar? Paris really was a gentleman in this one. You have your superior officer ordering you to "help" Torres, who's all but throwing herself at him, and he restrains himself.

I ended up feeling a bit sorry for Vorik in this one. Can only have sex once every seven years and all he got was his butt kicked for his trouble. To your question about the pon farr, I can only assume that it's a puberty thing and it happens every seven years after the biological clock starts ticking. The exact age varies in humans, so I imagine it would in Vulcans too.

Oh and if you liked the Doctor and his "cure" he'll
Good fun!

Oh and VERY subtle foreshadowing with a Borg corpse... it might've been more mysterious if they just left it at the alien invader and let the viewers speculate what it might have been.
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