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Re: TOS Enterprise - function of warp nacelles' caps?

Requires no effort or filing/filling at all because the ancestor went from being unspecified to specified. That's additional information, not a change of information.

It is this:
On the WNMHGB tombstone: James Kirk
Later in the series: James T. Kirk
Not this:
On the WNMHGB tombstone: James R. Kirk
Later in the series: James T. Kirk
Only the latter is a retcon.
In my opinion.

(Of course that was a deflection anyway; "distant human ancestor was long dead" was your interpretation of that line which is what I was referring to by "reading into it.")

As for the endcaps, no other nacelles on any other ship class have that whirly, blinky light-look so that would suggest that something unique was going on here. what is anyone's guess and i actually like that ambiguity; let's my imagination have a freer range.
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