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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Blood Fever

B’Elanna is finding information about a mining colony they have come across. The Vulcan, Ensign Vorek, declares his desire to become B’Elanna’s mate. B’Elanna’s face is great, she looked repulsed. She tells him no, and he grabs her by her face and tries to convince her. He should know better than to mess with B’Elanna, she gave him a nice whap across the face!

Vorek is going through Pon Faar (Yeah, I know I spelled it wrong). Vulcans only mate ever seven years??? That sucks! So, is it with the same mate every seven years? I enjoyed the part where the Doctor confronts Tuvok about the mating “problem”. Tuvok squirmed! I love it. I am pretty sure he showed emotion there! Three ways to combat Vorek’s problem: take a mate, combat (how very Klingon), or intense meditation. The Doctor comes up with a pretty good “cure”. A holodeck mate!

Meanwhile, B’Elanna has become very aggressive. While climbing at the mining colony Neelix and B’Elanna fell while climbing. While Paris was trying to calm B’Elanna down she bit him! She actually bit him! When Paris told Chakotay and Janeway that B’Elanna bit him, Chakotay had this hysterical look on his face! (Great acting all around for this episode)! B’Elanna has gone bat-shit crazy horny! (I was rolling on the ground laughing at this episode). They must have had so much fun filming this episode! Turns out Vorek initiated a telepathic mating bond with B’Elanna, which made her experience Pon Faar. Her desire was Paris. I wonder if she would have chosen Paris even if they were on the ship. I get the choice between Neelix and Paris, but I wonder if Paris would have always been her first choice…

Tuvok and Chakotay go down to the planet to confront B’Elanna to let her know that she has entered Pon Faar and that it could be deadly for her. The locals on the planet come across their group. While trying to reason with them B’Elanna attacks them. B’Elanna and Paris became separated, and she goes after Paris. She “picked up Paris’ scent” and she wants him. I give credit to Paris for holding back and not fully taking advantage of her. He was quite chivalrous. One of the last scenes, with Paris and B’Elanna in the turbo lift, was a nice ending. There was a hint that they might actually get together…maybe…

Question: When do Vulcans enter adult life? Is it the 7th year of their adult life that they first have Pon Faar

Favorite Part: When Tuvok, very matter-of-factly, told Paris he would have to alleviate B’Elanna’s desires or she would die. It was too funny, and then he Neelix just walked away so they could get on with it… Overall, this was just a fun episode, and I can only imagine the actors enjoyed this episode too. We learned about Vulcan and Klingon mating rituals, there was some character development, and the doctor did a great job with brainstorming possible “cures”.

Least favorite part: Nobody said thank you to the doctor, and he really did a good job, especially considering he did not have much information about Vulcan mating habits.
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