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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

My log-in problems last night resolved about an hour after I posted. Hopefully it was just some teething problems with the patch that got resolved & won't recur.

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I'm not sure that it's worth buying med probes. unless I misunderstand they're consumable, so once you use them all have to buy more...with actual money. I wouldn't mind if it was in-game currency and you could spend real money to expand your capacity, but paying to not respawn 500+ meters away? No thanks.
Right, but I can definitely see them mostly being used during instances, as it's a pain to die during an instance and having to get all the way back to it, sometimes with the mobs inside having resetted. Or like the bug that I've experienced earlier where dying and being sent back to the spawn point had caused the quest to be unable to proceed further. And I still haven't beat that quest due to the bug making it all that much harder since I've had to reset it. I'd only be using those probes during instances.
Exactly the reasons I'm thinking about it. It's the convenience, more than anything else. In this case, I reckon paying for it might be worth that convenience.

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Having said that, for my next character I'm thinking about a male Smuggler, because I hear if you play him as chaotic good, you get into some entertaining Indiana Jones type situations and humour.
Am I right in guessing that the whole LS/DS thing only matters to Jedi and Sith? As far as I can tell, only lightsabers have alignment requirements and aside from crew affection, a few extra mail rewards here and there I haven't noticed any major impact on the non-force user classes.
In terms of gear I think it only matters to Jedi/Sith, but I've heard the storyline (or at least the side-quests) does change for the other classes depending on your side of the force. At the very least, the conversations will change, with some being more entertaining than others. I don't have direct experience of a non-force class yet.

Reverend wrote:
Also, I don't accept that it's a "AAA single-player RPG", what it is, is a heavily padded and *extremely* repetitive AAA single-player RPG. When you add the F2P restriction into the mix, what you're left with is a heavily padded and *extremely* repetitive AAA single-player RPG with artificially gimped mechanics which forces you into even more repetitive action and drawn out play times.
I'm playing for the storylines myself too, and do find many (not all) of the side-quests repetitive and do them at least partly just for the XP in order to progress with the class quests. While I agree that that's little annoying, I don't feel bad about it as if I subbed, I know I'd get more XP from questing, more options/opportunites to get XP, etc. So I figure it's a fair way to keep the sub option attractive from the perspective of levelling to 50 quickly and getting stuck into the end-game content. Hey, there has to be something to encourage subbing.

As someone more interested the class stories (and who also will probably stop playing once I eventually work through them), I can accept that trade-off as a fair value proposition. What is more frustrating are the ways the F2P restrictions impact the basic mechanics (the quickbar slots, the med probes, to some extent the character slot restrictions, the purple gear) of the game.

Having said all that, I have to admit they've probably judged people like me just right given that I will probably pay for some of those specifically, but not the other sub benefits.

I do think the game overall is incredibly polished and content-rich; actually much more so than I expected. The extensive voice-acting adds so much richness & personality to the experience.

As with any judgement on fair value for money (or in this case fair value for a limite free experience), there's always going to be a bit of an eye of the beholder variation. What I find annoying may not be what others will. What I will say, is that my posting at this & other forums has almost completely collapsed since I started playing swtor, so it's doing something very right, even within the free paradigm.
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