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Re: Confessions: You do it and you know it is bad

Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
One thing I can never get over is the poor hygiene I've encountered at conventions.

I've never been to a Trek convention, but I can rank (ha ha get it?) the types of conventions I've been to by their "funk factor":

Sex conventions: Not funky (everything smells like something, but not BO)
Comic book conventions (e.g. New York Comic Con): Not very funky
Anime conventions: Somewhat funky
Tabletop gaming conventions: Rather funky
Video game conventions: Maximum funk

This is in spite of convention programs almost always saying that you should shower every day. That they even have to mention this makes me go .

Seriously, people. Bathe.

I was at a gaming convention once where they had these little containers of deodorizer. They just sat on each table, supposedly absorbing the stink. The room still smelled bad. I was only able to stand a few minutes of it. Gross.
I remember on the NYCC website they actually had a page where they asked people to please bathe before coming.
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