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Everyone is fucking stupid about diabetes and doesn't know anything.

So true. I still remember being so pissed off at the movie Panic Room. The whole plot of the movie is driven by the daughter's Diabetes and "getting her insulin in time or she'll die!". um, no. Just no. If your going to make it the crux of the plot, at least make sure you understand the effects of not getting insulin in time.
I may be totally misremembering (it wasn't the most memorable movie), but I thought the driving plot point was that the little girl was going low. She had a CGM with an alarm that kept going off, and had a seizure at one point. I recall thinking that, of all the movies I'd seen with diabetes in them, they'd done an okay job of depicting type 1.

But, yeah, people get it wrong all the time, and that's what really annoys me about it. There are a ton of assumptions and a lot of judgement that goes along with the label "diabetic," and while it's not really the general public's fault -- after all, why should everyone be expected to know that there are a handful of completely different diseases all called diabetes -- it is still wearing. I don't even care about all the shots and blood tests, or being constantly aware of my own mortality, I am tired of people's ignorance and judgement.

I think it is ignorant the way people judge type 2 diabetics as well, as if they all ate their way into their disease, and it's just that simple. But having type 1, and having that judgement passed on you seems even more unjust. I once had a nurse(!) say to me, "You really should get your weight down. You're only about 10lbs overweight, but every little bit you lose can lower your blood sugar." I suppressed the urge to tell her to fuck herself, and explained that I have type 1 diabetes. I've never been very overweight -- always between 5-15lbs, but I struggle with it, and I honestly think the misconceptions surrounding diabetes and weight are a huge part of what's led me to develop stupid body issues (and considering eating disorders are 4 times more prevalent in the type 1 diabetic population than in the general population, I don't think I'm off the mark). I also hate it when I feel made to justify everything I eat or don't eat. Anyway, there. There's a proper rant!

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