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Re: My "Just Saw Insurrection For the First Time" Review.

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Yeah, I'm a fair way into it now, and, I dunno, I think they started with a dud premise (Heart of Darkness mixed with Fountain of Youth) and it never got better. Coming off the tremendous success of FC, it was a tough one to follow.

I think they could have kept some of the same elements and made it a much tougher movie, and it would have worked better, but to a large extent that's Monday morning quarterbacking (I think that's the expression), and no point this late in the day.
yeah, I'm with you on the dud premise. Really, I don't see a way that he could have made it work if this basic premise was the one he was determined to work around. I've written on previous threads on this movie that there was just no way for it to work. They should have told him to scrap the original idea and start over.
They couldn't. They already had a release date when they brought Piller aboard to write it.

he had a deadline yeah, but that doesn't mean he had to stick to the premise he had. Didn't Nick Meyer write a rough draft for TWOK in a short time?

Still, the "heart of darkness" story would have been better than what we got but that's not saying much.
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