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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

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Lucy Liu is a very poor choice. I like her, but she's totally wrong for the character in age, appearance, and personality.
Well, I was thinking of her more in the Lucky Number Sleven days than now in Elementary, but okay...

The best suggestion I've seen in this thread is for a Hong Kong actress named Charlene Choi.
Way more elfin than I pictured Chen, but I suppose I should revise my mental image...

Dave Mack recently suggested Kristin Kreuk, who might be able to pull it off, but she's my choice for Counselor T'Lana from the first few post-NEM TNG novels.
Personally, I don't think Kristin Kreuk could convincingly play a vegetable. I'd rather have ice-picks shoved into my pupils than imagine her in anything, let alone actually watch something she's in. Considering T'Lana's fate, I might make an exception, though. Still, the vibe I got from T'Lana was more someone like Diane Venora.

It occurs to me that Maurissa Tancharoen could work as Trys, if one were flexible about the character's height.
Not familiar with her at all, but she's pretty close to how I was picturing Trys.
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