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Re: American Horror Story: Asylum (Spoilers)

Thanks to Mother Claudia for letting Lana escape. I liked the part when she was in the cab and stuck up her middle finger at Thredson while holding the tape. Thredson knew at that moment he was finished. To me, it seemed like an easy way out for Lana, but it worked for the overall story. Why she had to go back to Thredson's house, I thought it was unnecessary. As a serial killer, he would've easily gotten the death penalty, and Lana could've seen his execution.

This episode was full of surprises as well. It shed some light on Gracie's pregnancy, but what a shock when Kit and Gracie settled into Kit's old house to find Alma alive--with her and Kit's baby!

I'm really starting to hate Monsignor Howard's character. It would be interesting to see Sister Jude do something to bring him down.
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