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Re: Yesterday's Enterprise Episode question

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This didn't stop Captain Braxton from getting arrested for "crimes you are going to commit" in Relativity.
But that wasn't by the (civilian) DTI, but by the Starfleet Temporal Integrity Commission five centuries in the future. In my novel DTI: Watching the Clock, I paint the TIC as coming from a time when the Federation's ethical standards have eroded considerably.
DTI, as depicted in the similarly named books, is a gathering of elitist a$$holes (despite the obvious intent to the contrary):
They immediately and utterly rejected the idea of saving, by temporal intervention, tens of billions of sentients (just recently killed), but when it came to the death of a single one of their own, temporal intervention to save her life was suddenly on the table as a viable option.
There's not much ethical standard there to be eroded.
Stalin did have a point when he said, "One death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic."

You can personally identify with that single person, whereas a million dead it's hard to wrap your mind around. Whatever else you want to say about Stalin, he understood the human nature that much.
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