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Re: What is your favorite series and why?

1 - TMP - TUC (To me, this is the best collection of movies ever. The stories, action, character relationships, production, music, all of it.)

2 - DS9 (This is now my favorite of the TV series. Even the guest character development rivals some main character development of other Trek series. These characters really had depth. And such great stories that actually impact the characters long term. It has the best series finale I've ever seen. I had tears in my eyes, which came as a surprise to me because I've never cried over a TV show.)

3 - TNG (I watched this show growing up, then the re-runs in high school. Loved it. I just love DS9 more now.)

4 - Trek '09 (I just thought this was a fun ride. I loved the music, the actors, and the shockingly awesome production quality, and for the most part I enjoyed the story. And of course, Leonard Nimoy! JJ's take on the series was different, and that was refreshing in a way. BUT...the villain seemed to be an afterthought. They went through his back story so quickly. And I didn't really care about him the way I "cared" about and at least understood Khan, for example.)

5 - TNG movies (I have it at #5, but that doesn't mean I don't like them. I saw all of these in the theater and have watched them several times. Just like with TFF, there are things about most of the films that bother me, but the great moments outnumber the bad for me. First Contact was my favorite, and I actually enjoyed Generations. I was excited to see the two captains together, the Enterprise B, the old sea boat, Data going wacko -- I enjoyed all of that. And I was surprised how much I enjoyed Dennis McCarthy's score, but I did enjoy Goldsmith, Horner and Eidelman's scores more. Actually, my favorite Goldsmith score (other than TMP) is First Contact. What a beautiful melody. But I digress. Nemesis was okay. I just wish they let Patrick Stewart play both Picard and Shinzon. I think that would have helped a lot for me.)

6 - TOS (I am so thankful for the series that started it all. I have watched the entire series, but it was mostly hard for me to sit through. The over-acting was over-the-top and a lot of the stories were just way out there to me. The movies are in a different league to me. Loved those.)

Not currently on my ordered list:

VOY (I'm not listing this one simply because I haven't watched the entire series so I don't want to judge yet. I watched the first four seasons when it aired, but stopped watching regularly after that. I was frustrated with this show for a number of reasons. I think the biggest problem is I overhyped it in my head. I loved the ship design, Goldsmith's theme, the premise of the ship being away from home, the potential conflict between these two opposing groups that must live/work together. But the potential conflict was almost immediately washed away. And personally, Janeway's voice really annoyed me -- that's just a personal preference though, I understand if you disagree. So that was distracting. But I plan to watch the entire series again on Netflix and give it another shot.)

ENT (I've maybe seen 10 minutes of this series. I didn't like the show open, I didn't like the set design and I really didn't care for the actors when I tuned in originally. I'm giving the show another chance on Netflix now. I will resort my order after watching all of VOY and ENT!)

TAS (I've never seen this, but I probably will never watch it because I'm not into animated drama. Just a personal preference, not judging.)
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