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Re: MLB Offseason 2012

Well I'm from Texas, so even if I'm not an Astros fan I was exposed to Biggio quite often. Sure he wasn't going to win any MVPs, but he was solidly good and he was solidly good hiw whole career. I'd take that over the guy who wins a couple MVPs in his 20's then falls off the radar in his 30's.

His longevity definitely should be a factor. Another factor is that he's a second baseman. If Ryne Sandberg(whose team I am a fan of) can get in based on his numbers as a second baseman, why the heck can't Biggio whose numbers are better?

With Sosa getting the same treatment as McGwire and Palmeiro, and Bonds and Clemens getting only a third of the vote, if anything about the hall has changed, I'd say it's the 500 home runs get you elected automatically. Sosa's numbers really surprised me given he did get along with the media and didn't seem as tainted by the steroid brush as Clemens and Bonds.

Next year will be interesting. Maddux and Glavine, have to command enough votes to get in on the first ballot... I can't believe anyone would think either of these lanky fellows with their 80's fastballs were juicing. Kent, Mussina and Thomas are no slouches either and would all get a number of votes. So if anything on paper it would seem that the freshmen of this year's ballot would have a harder time getting in. Though that might be offset a bit by the writers who just won't vote for Babe Ruth on the first ballot.

Should be interesting to say the least in the next few years.
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