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Re: AU ST TNG crew positions question

Operations looked after ship operations, including sensors, communications and computer systems. But if you wanted to have them more ship focused and give sensor control over to a science officer, then I could understand that.

Flight Control needs to cover both helm and navigation, I never got why they were separate in TOS. I find it a bit odd to split up Tactical though. One officer to handle all weapons makes sense to me, though split it from Security and have a separate Security Chief.

If you're still having Troi, you could strengthen her role by making her Comm Officer in addition to Counsellor. Make more of her as a Diplomacy/First Contact Specialist as well.

As for a contact point between away teams and the ship, that would be the Comm Officer.

Though, using the information you put up, you could try something like:
Operations Manager (ship-based matters)
Helmsman (pilots the ship)
Navigator (handles all sensors and course plotting)
Tactical Officer (pew-pew)
Communincations Officer (link between ships and teams)
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