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Re: Was Chakotay a stereotype?

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And while I’m certain some ancestors did indeed arrive on these shores by way of Erin/England, a good portion were already here and had been for centuries therefore my family hasn't been European for quite some time.
Sorry I wasn't clear.

I wasn't referring to you, but to those who would jump on what you said and run with it, assuming that the headdress is a Hollywood construct only.
This Creek/Cherokee gives Teya a high-five.

I recently saw "The Fight".... "Captain, permission to go on a vison quest." My eyes rolled right out of my head.

Though I have to admit, if Voyager had a Ferengi crewmember, and he said "Captain, permission to swindle the aliens out of their money." I would laugh.

Edit: If Chakotay were anything but an Indian, I would actually praise the production crew. I had no problem with Bajoran spirituality, even if they did try and hide it behind wormhole aliens.
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