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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Punisher: Nightmare #2 - wasn't quite as great as I thought the set-up was in issue #1 but I'm staying with it. The split personality of Niman whose bloody side he calls Johnny Nightmare looks to have taken over. My first impression is this is like Rose/Thorn where you have a peaceful side and an aggressive side. Now that Niman's family is dead the "Nightmare" has taken over under Frank's guidance. Niman/Nightmare also seems to have some type of healing factor. The issue spotlighted some "treatments" he was instructed to undergo while in the army.

Punisher War Zone #3 - being that Thor was now the one after Frank the issue went about as expected. The exception was the bit of philosophical approach Thor took with him. Never taken Thor as the reverse psychology type. I'm behind on Thor so maybe that's my fault for being behind. He's a bruiser mostly. Still, it was a great read and sets up what seems to be Cap's ploy for this chase. Finding out just who the man is deep down. Thor reports back to him that Castle is a man of honor if nothing else. Cap says "good, I was hoping for that" while

I did read the first two Thunderbolts out of morose curiosity and wasn't greatly impressed. I'm not a fan of that wooden art for starters. The pacing is bad, what we got on page 3 of issue #2 should've been somewhere in issue #1. Decompression at it's worst. I see mixed feedback here. I'll pop in at CBR's forums later and see what the vibe there is. If next week is slow maybe I pick it up.
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