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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

So, I watched The Abominable Snowmen and it was very disappointing. Episode 1, the Reconstruction was pretty decent, sound was fine, and it brought me into the story very well. Second episode is the surviving one, and s in good shape, and watching it made me even more excited for the story. And then in the third episode, it all fell apart, the telesnaps/stills were all bleached out and barely any details could be seen at all and the audio became garbled. I tried valiantly to watched the third episode with all my attention, but, it became even more difficult with all the sounds just kind of blending together in a mish mash of noise. I leftit playing, in case episodes 4 - 6 got any better, but, it enver improved, so, basically,I couldn't follow much of what happened beyond the 2nd episode I was so looking to forward to this one. Is the commercial Audio track any better, or has someone (like Frasier Hines did for some) redone and narrated it or maybe the script available to read? Getting to this story was one of the main things that pushed me to go through all Troughtons, including the missing epsiodes (Though, I don't regret it at all, I've gotten far more joy than pain from the experience)

So, anyway for me to be able to actually enjoy The Abominable Snowmen? Going to try giving it another shot watching on the Laptop, and listeningwith ear phones, maybe that'll help

Borgified Corpse, Oops, yea, The Web of Fear, thanks for the correction
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