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Re: Is Star Trek Interracially revolutionary?

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Certainly there's a way to go, but I think we are seeing change with the growing prominence of actors like Daniel Dae Kim and John Cho.
That can actually be part of the problem. When there are one or two isolated role models to point to to suggest change. Those 2 have little to no chance of going further unless the element of racism is somehow eliminated.

The change tends to backslide like the waves at the beach. One of the problems is that racism is a commodity. It sells. So it has to be strategically marketed. And each race has to be worked differently. I think the careful marketing of racism for the most part began in the 70's, but may have started earlier.

Beyond any single ethnic type, I'm seeing an increase in multiethnic casting in general on TV.

After all, the assumption that the "common American male" is a WASP is becoming increasingly less true as demographics shift. We saw that in the 2012 election, when the party that catered principally to white males was trounced by the party whose coalition included just about everyone else. Countless analysts have agreed that the Republican Party can't win any more elections unless it broadens its appeal beyond white males, and if the evolving demographics of the country make that true for a political party, it's likely to be true for a TV studio as well.
The demographics for each race has it's own uniqueness. The reason we see the Black and Hispanic hero role model is because they target those who have their own separate communities (neighborhoods, districts, towns). The Asian community with few exceptions is more integrated into White communities. And the subtle message to Asian Americans is that the White hero represents their role model. They are just not supposed to notice the absence of the actual Asian role model.
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