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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

Speaking of whether the Enterprise Incident score borrows any themes from other composers

I've been listening to the Enemy Within score a lot. You know that 4-note motif associated with Evil Kirk that we hear all over the score? We first hear it in the teaser, "The Evil Kirk", I think that's the low piano registers. I'm going to list just a few more places really it's everywhere in the score, this exercise is superfluous:
  • The whole "Alter Ego" cue basically repeats it over and over in different instruments.
  • "The Lascivious Captain" opens with it very quiet in the woodwinds, then it returns a couple times; notably when the cue picks up speed at about 1:50, the motif is in the percussion under the melody.
  • In "Evil Fury", for the first 30 secs you can hear it under the brass, sounds like percussion and piano. Then after the 30-sec point where the cue slows down, the four notes are played very slowly, as beats.
Half the time I hear that motif I'm reminded of Courage's hammering 4-note theme in The Enterprise Incident. To my ears it sounds exactly the same, except Courage states it with brass and has it stand alone.

Am I right? Is it the same?
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