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I'm finished up to the end of season 7. SPOILERS AHEAD…

- I read that the later seasons aren't as good as the earlier ones but I loved everything I saw. The dynamic changed with everyone becoming a little more "adult" and sort of going their separate ways, but the show is just good as it's always been.

- Ari is an absolute riot. Jeremy Piven really delivers. I especially liked it when he bought out Tarrence's company and fired everyone he didn't like by pegging them off with a paintball gun.

One thing that makes me a little uneasy though, is that Ari can be too abusive at times. I found it hard to believe that anyone would put up with his crap. Anyone doing what he was doing would be buring a lot of bridges and alienating everyone around them. Then sure enough, his behavior caught up with him and it was painful to watch. The show really took a dark turn for the first time.

- Vince hasn't been doing so well either. His life is spiraling out of control, but unlike with Ari, there doesn't seem to be any real cause other than that's just the way he's being written.

- I loved seeing Sasha Grey play herself as Vince's girlfriend throughout the season. I like Sasha Grey and I love seeing her do more mainstream stuff like this. Her arc was really good. She really put herself into the drama and wasn't just your typical celebrity cameo.

- Most of the celebrities playing themselves did well in fact, with the way they were willing to ham things up a bit and play mock versions of themselves. I'm also impressed at how many more big names showed up as the series progressed.

- I got a kick out of this…

- And Perrey Reeves in lingerie

I have 8 episodes left. That's all of season 8. I can't wait to watch it tonight. I hope all ends well.

[Edit] Victory!!! After 12 days, I'm finally done. I've seen Entourage and I've enjoyed the ride. I'm going to miss watching these guys for 4 hours every night, but at least it's not the end. We've got a movie coming up and I can't wait.

- Despite everyone moving on with their lives in season 7, they managed to get back to the "entourage" dynamic of the first few seasons and I liked that. Resets are rarely good or welcome, but this one was. I also liked the addition of Scott and Billy to the gang.

- I wondered upthread if Vince would ever settle down and it looks like he will, and he did it in typical Vince fashion… Impulsively. They didn't handle the courtship very well, it was too rushed and the 24-hour wasn't even shown, but I'm impressed that he got someone who looks like Alice Eve.

- They really dialed Ari's antics back, and after everything that happened in season 7, it was good to see him back on his feet. And that ending… I wonder what he'll do.

Will he take it? What will the wife think? Can he pull something and do better like he did with his own agency? Can't wait to find out.

Time to read all the press along with what others thought of the show. So far, it looks like a lot of people weren't happy with the last two seasons. Too serious, less humor, the guys weren't as fun or behaved out of character, etc.
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