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QUOTE=RPJOB;7513921]But why would you WANT to do something that's already been done? Wouldn't it be more interesting to see differing outcomes? Don't let other interpretations of the movie events tie you down. Surely there must be more than one way (or two or twenty) that things could progress.[/QUOTE]

One problem with that is that the near-extinction of the Romulan subset of the Vulcanoid population would require going against the canon established in the novelverse, which has stated that Romulans live in very large numbers away from the Romulan homeworld. Coming up with a way to exterminate this populations would be only somewhat less problematic than deciding to jettison the novelverse canon.

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Bolding in your post added by me. Note the word human. These are NOT humans. They're aliens. If they're going to act and react and respond just like humans they why even bother making them aliens?
The settlement of conquered and/or unsettled territories by an imperial power is a basic strategy of any imperial power that wants to be successful. It's a policy that has been followed by multiple non-human empires in the Trekverse, most explicitly in the television by the Cardassians. Coming up with reasons for the Romulans not to do so, especially when they've already been established as having done so, seems futile.

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I've been rereading Spock's Wold recently and there's a passage that talks about how very few Vulcans have ever left their planet, let alone their system. The number quoted was around 5% as opposed to about an average of 40% for other races. Romulans are basically Vulcans under the skin.
Biologically, yes, but culturally the Romulans are highly divergent. The proto-Romulans left 40 Eridani in the first place because of their significant cultural differences. Moreover, in her later novels Diane Duane explicitly stated that substantial Romulan populations lived throughout the star empire, and that they were sufficiently numerous to win a civil war against the homeworld.

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Something about Romulus caused them to choose it. If they're the same homebodies as Vulcans are in Spock's World then they may not WANT to live elsewhere. Getting posted to another planet may be considered a punishment. Alternately, the Government, though the Tal Shiar, may not want distant colonies to grow too large. Large colonies breed dangerous ideas like freedom and independence. Keeping the populations low and transient keeps these ideas from taking root.
I'm not sure why you're making this argument, since the novels have already established that Romulans live in very large numbers away from their homeworld. Why should this be changed?
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