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Re: Behind the scenes: When a fan visited the set

Gary7 wrote: View Post
Great stuff. You rarely see this kind of actor-fan interaction take place in productions back then or even since. Nimoy is quite the consummate gentleman. It also seems to affirm how much he believed in the show as being something special.
I definitely concur.

Gary7 wrote: View Post
It's also terrific to see some "old guard" fans around on the forum, who can shed light on things long past.
Indeed. I hope to do the same when/if I become "old guard."

EnsignHarper wrote: View Post
Dave - in #12, the guy on the far right in the striped shirt - could that be Morris Chapnick, the production assistant? I seem to remember seeing a picture or two of him, and that he was rather balding like that
I don't think so, but let me pull the original from my archives and check. Stay tuned.

Sir Rhosis wrote: View Post
i've seen several pics of Winston on the set with Shatner, Nimoy and Kelly.
Check out:
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