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Re: Abrams talks Star Trek 3D in SFX magazine

SalvorHardin wrote: View Post
I have no problem with 3D. I don't get headaches, the glasses don't annoy me and it can be fun.
But for some reason I still watch 2D first in most movies. In the rare cases I might go see it more than once I check out the 3D version.

indranee wrote: View Post
On top of how uncomfortable they are, they're dirty! Yuck.
Dirty? Don't the theaters give you new, sealed ones before going in?
Not everywhere, in my limited experience.

I do experience headaches and find the glasses annoying (especially the latter) and so I avoid 3D whenever possible. I don't begrudge those who like it, I just hope it doesn't become an exclusive form of presentation. However, as I was curious about the high frame rate format of the new Hobbit movie, I did go to a 3D IMAX presentation of that. The 48fps (double a standard film frame rate) presents a different aesthetic and I will have to see it on more than one occasion before forming a considered opinion on the format, but it did seem to eliminate the headache I invariably get past the 75-90 min. mark of any 3D film I've seen until now.
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