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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

The 2013 list:
1. A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas: C-
2. Les Miserables(2012): B
3. Lincoln: A+
4. Parental Guidance: C+

As a fan of Billy Crystal and some extent Marisa Tomei I decided to catch this comedy even though it screamed "wait for DVD". I should've listened more to that inner voice.

The situations forcibly created to ensure Crystal's character(Artie) does something silly or funny felt very forced. I get the "in character" reason for Artie not being a firmer disciplinarian, his daughter and her husband are into this new age hands off pacifist type child rearing, so Artie is trying to respect that. Meanwhile noting what a failure it actually is as the youngest kid is in fully control of situations when it should be the other way around.

I'm not pro/anti Bette Midler, indifferent I suppose, which is why her story of bonding with her 12yr old grand daughter(Harper) seems to come across as the best side of the story. The 12yr old isn't a discipline problem for starters. Here the conflict is on Tomei's mother role(Alice) being perhaps seen as pushing her towards something(violin perfection).

This was one of those movies also where you see an actor and go "where have I seen this person". Harper's best friend finally clicked near the end of the movie. The actress is Madison Lentz(I had to look her name up afterwards) and was the girl on Walking Dead
Not being that prominent anyway nor being chased by zombies took me most of the film to place her.

It's a cute film, one easily watched while you could do other things. Wait for DVD for sure. At least it's done well at the theater though.

As a sidebar Oscar Noms were announced.
Lincoln leads nominations with 12 including BP, Dir, Actor, Actress, Supporting actor.
Life of Pi took 11 nominations.
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