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Re: arrrgh!!!!!!!!

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I dunno. I could rant about type 1 diabetes. I feel like the Trek BBS is the only place that gets to hear me rant about that, because I don't get the urge to rant about it very often and I don't rant about it to anyone in real life. I ranted about it on facebook one time. Usually I get a third of the way into typing the rant and then think, What fucking good will it do?

Here: Type 1 diabetes. It is not the same disease as the diabetes you know about so shut up. I have to choose some people at work to teach how to test my blood sugar and give me a shot of glucagon in case I have a seizure or pass out. It's not going to be awkward at all.

Everyone is fucking stupid about diabetes and doesn't know anything.

I have a friend who has Type 1 and who makes similar rants. She orders Diet Coke when she goes out to eat, and she's pretty skinny, so waitresses give her dirty looks or even say things like, "you don't need to drink diet, honey!" Or people look confused when she says she has diabetes because she's so thin. "Well, how did you get that??" People are dumb.

Rhubarbodendron: I can relate to your reaction when she got through to call you. I have people in my life where, as soon as their name pops up on my phone, my blood pressure shoots up and I'm tempted to just ignore them. But given that this is someone you don't ever have to talk to again, it sounds like the thing to do is keep the block on and just ignore her if she ever manages to get through again. It's just not worth the trouble to answer.

As for myself, the only thing I could rant about at this moment is getting my kids into school. I recently (as in a few weeks ago) got custody of my kids, and have been working on getting them enrolled in school. First, there was the mountain of paperwork required, and then the endless game of phone tag. "I'll call you by the end of the day" apparently means "I'll call you whenever I feel like it, which won't be today." I have to stay on top of these people to make sure things are proceeding.

To be fair, it's only the front line administrative people I've had this problem with. Once I got past those people and got in touch with special services, communication improved. I still find it irritating when someone promises to follow up by the end of the day, and then they don't. Don't promise it if you can't do it.
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