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Re: Nemesis, and Geordi's lovely brown eyes.

Yup. But if his failure to have human eyes by that time is related to what happened or didn't happen back in ST:INS, then it's sort of crucial that Kim and Chakotay arrived just in the nick of time to do something about that movie...

And it might not have been difficult to change things there. The Son'a would have wanted to destroy the Ba'ku in any timeline, and would have needed UFP permission to enter the Briar Patch for that. If the Feds gave that but did not send Data there so that Picard, LaForge and the rest would eventually get involved, the Son'a vengeance plan would probably have succeeded, and nobody would have access to the fountain of youth, least of all LaForge.

Perhaps Picard and Data had their hands full searching for the Voyager crash site (the effort Kim refers to as having ended only nine years before the future events) and for that reason never went to the Briar Patch?

Timo Saloniemi
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