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Re: Crew members and their roles

Timo, the problem is unless something happened ON SCREEN you always, always, always reject every other source except in cases where you're using real world examples to justify your opinion.
It would help massively if you mentioned the source you are quoting. Otherwise, it just appears you are misremembering things you saw on screen, or misquoting a book that touched upon the subject but not in the way you describe.

Say, where do we learn that Picard would have been a Conn officer (aboard a ship that actually had separate Helm and Nav officers for the task of steering!) on his sixth service year when taking command of the Stargazer? In a Friedman novel, the reader guesses, if he is familiar with those. So, he goes to the bookshelf or Memory Beta. And what does he find? That the book Valiant actually establishes Picard as the 2nd Officer of the vessel, rather than Conn, at the time of the incident.

See why I feel rather entitled to view your claims with what may look like general disdain, but in fact is just healthy skepticism?

Timo Saloniemi
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