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Re: How many transporter rooms on TOS Enterprise?

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"Having your visual expectations jarred when you're in the middle of one of the most unnatural processes known to man is probably not advisable."
That's a good one! I'd like to think that the scene in "The Doomsday-Machine" when Kirk has finally gotten back to the Enterprise reveals a moment of hesitation as if Kirk tries to figure out (after all the previous problems with the transporter) in which transporter room of the ship he's actually rematerialized.

And there's of course the question of mass production of transporter (room) modules during the era of TOS. Probably a complicated device it appears reasonable to have one design to fit all Starfleet vessels that would also help to ease maintenance and repair efforts by the engineering personnel.

According to The Making of Star Trek there were supposedly many different kinds of transporter rooms aboard the ship but partially because of budget reasons we only saw one model (with the exception of small transporters like the one on space station K-7 to tell viewers they were not aboard the Enterprise).

These budget restrictions disappeared with TAS, yet, I don't remember ever having seen an animated transporter room that was supposedly different from the 'real' counterparts in TOS (though TAS established the Enterprise to have at least four transporter rooms).

Though I agree that little production glitches shouldn't be taken too seriously (one of the aims of my blueprinting project), I equally don't like the overused rationalization that everything is different because of an upgrade and that applies to a number of transporter rooms seen in the series.

According to "Assignment: Earth" sickbay ("Amok Time" suggests it rather to be on Deck 5 than Deck 7!) is above one transporter room which is above "security". Following the movement of Bele and Lokai in "Let That Be..." would also suggest a transporter room not much lower than Deck 5 or 6.

The opening scene in "Journey to Babel" (one of the strongest indications for the studio set being used for parallel corridors, IMHO) sees Kirk picking up the call from the bridge near "Computer Statistics" and next passes a sign with a direction marker saying "Transporter Section" (on Deck 5 !?).

(Sometimes, I'd like to be able to read what these signs say and sometimes I don't )

The only transporter rooms I remember this moment that do accurately match the actual studio set are the ones from "Tomorrow Is Yesterday" (Christopher trying to force Kyle to beam him down) and "Day of the Dove" (Kirk and landing party traveling to their posts).

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