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Re: Ron D. Moore about VOY

Yes, VOY could definitely have used a few of the elements that made BSG (to me at least) so interesting. It ignored its premise, its characters, and its past, all to the point where it was essentially TNG 2.0.

The way things were going back then, I would have preferred a break from TV Trek rather than ENT. We ended up with an 18 year period where there was always something in production, and it was already beginning to show with VOY.

This break since ENT finished has been good. It's given the franchise a chance to lay fallow, and let people forget how it dwindled. It's allowed the production to be freshened up considerably, and suddenly it's a big hit again.

It's funny how much things change over the years. No Trek on TV, in addition to the new films, just make me nostalgic for the old shows. It's very unlikely we'll get new stories in the old continuity that exists, so it makes me appreciate what we did get.

VOY and ENT may have had their bad points, but there is enough about them to make sure they're not a waste of time to watch. While Berman and Braga may not have been the best showrunners, they would have put up with network interference that neither TNG nor DS9 would have experienced. While overall they may have been mediocre, there were a lot of high points in both shows.
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