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AU ST TNG crew positions question

I am working on an alternate universe fan fiction with some changes to the setting and tech level. One of the things that I am working on is changing around some of the way the crew positions work.

For instance I wanted to rework Operations to be more specifically related to damage control, power allocation, basically anything engineering related on the bridge. They would raise shields and keep them up. They would not report on anything outside the ship. For some reason with Data and Harry Kim they were sort of a catch all station and I wanted to straighten that out.

Then you have Helm as usual but I was thinking about giving helm control over forward phasers so that they can time attacks themselves. More like Sulu used to do.

I want a station that would cover navigation/tactical/long range sensors. They would cover firing weapons at off center targets or long range targets. They would also help the helm by setting way points and such. Basically they would cover everything outside of the ship. I'm not sure what to call this post.

I was also thinking about an away team support post as well. Basically they would help with contact with aliens/communicate with away teams/pass on commands to the shuttlebay to get ready/ etc. Not sure what to call this one either.

Any ideas?
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