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Re: TNG Caption This! 299: Great Days Ahead!

LaForge: "So you're in the doghouse with Chief O'Brien, huh?"
Worf: "I do not wish to discuss it."
LaForge: "Well, the whole ship is getting his side of the story."


LaForge: "I heard you went to his appreciation of British comedy night."
Worf: "Yes. He was showing something called... sitcoms."
LaForge: "Ah. He showed Red Dwarf, didn't he?"
Worf: "That is when Nurse Ogawa called me a communist."
LaForge: "Red Worf? I get it. Is that when you...?"
Worf: "Certainly not. Besides I understand the joke. My human parents taught me about communism, an honorable, if flawed philosophy."
LaForge: "So why did you...?"
Worf sighs: "It was when the one named Lister called the one named Rimmer a smeghead."
LaForge: "I don't get it."
Worf: "I said that at least I had the decency to wash my ridges."
LaForge: "And that's when everyone laughed at you."
Worf: "Yes."
LaForge: "And that's when you put a bat'leth through Chief O'Brien's vintage DVD player."
Worf: "Yes."
LaForge: "See, now that's why you don't get invited to parties."
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