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Re: Star Trek/Lost In Space: Any Difference?

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"Whatever their differences with the actual sets and miniatures, the FJ Blueprints were a masterpiece of sci-fi art. As a kid I got literally hours of pleasure pouring over them and imagining myself aboard the ship."
I have no idea what could have qualified these as a "masterpiece of sci-fi art", definitely not the main sensor-deflector dish that appears to lead straight to the swimming-pool of the Enterprise.

As an adolescent I spent hours getting frustrated that none of the interiors (except for the bridge) matched the original studio sets, despite FJ using The Making of Star Trek as his prime reference which did include the studio set plan from Season Two on (at least I'm finally getting rid of my frustration by working on accurate deck plans).

IMHO, the only things that do qualify as a "masterpiece of sci-fi art" were the David Kimble TMP blueprints and his 3D-cutaway of the movie Enterprise. Now that was some passionate work, an act of love for Star Trek.

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