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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

No prob with ignoring the animations altogether. But just to clarify, the TAS relevance to the nacelle access thing is sort of twofold.

First, the TAS episode provides our only verification that Kirk's ship, in any of its incarnations, would have access of this sort at all. This is something we could just as well ignore because nacelle access just plain makes sense, at least with certain limitations; we don't need TAS to tell us this.

Second, TAS actually shows us how it happens, and what we see is visually consistent with live action Trek to a degree. That is, the nacelle interior designs first visually depicted in ENT "In a Mirror, Darkly" were based on the TAS visuals such as these:

But this brings about the one thing where all of this might directly affect your design. Namely, the access in TAS is depicted as having been by two men and a largish "forcefield box" with handlebars but without wheels or an obvious hover functionality. We see an ENT-style catwalk inside the nacelle, but we also appear to be indirectly witnessing a pylon access route that allows the men to walk upright, or to ride a lift. Whether such a route should be featured in your model or not is the real question...

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