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I get what you're saying Christopher, but I'm not sure you get what I'm saying. You're talking about the implausibility/impossibility of made up tech, "future science" and treknobabble invented by the writers. I can accept a fair amount of handwaving in light sci-fi like Trek.

I'm more frustrated with the completely asinine misuse of contemporary scientific knowledge -- like supernovae, and talking about "lightning" in space -- in order to dumb-it down for the masses. They didn't even try to handwave with made up technobabble or future science. They just used terms the audience would've heard, but hoped they wouldn't understand.

Genesis Device? Sure, it's impossible, but it's "future science," and I can suspend disbelief. Protomatter? Okay, fine. Subspace shockwave? All good. Trilithium? Okay, you used that word before and probably forgot about it. Metaphasic radiation? Thalaron radiation? Okay, add 'em to the list. I can deal with all of it.

Note, I'm not really letting The Final Frontier off the hook. The plot wasn't good enough to make up for the stupidity of the Enterprise making it to the center of the galaxy in a few hours, let alone anything else.

But calling whatever the Hobus event was a "supernova"? Talking about "lightning storms" instead of just saying "an energy distortion" or something like that? And naming your McGuffin something like "red matter"? It's like a really bad Saturday morning cartoon for five year olds.
This is how thy came up with the technobabble in TNG/DS9/VOY-era Trek:

It's meaningless babytalk. I'm more than happy for Trek to return to it's TOS-style mindset of "show it, don't explain it."
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