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Re: Purposing Federation Ships During the Dominion War

^ I'll remind you that despite targeting weapons and shields only the scimtar never made the ENT-E lose shield or weapons. Tactically speaking the Scimitar is a fiercer fighting machine. But a large part of the ENT-E disadvantage was it couldn't target the Scimitar. Imagine a sniper camped 200 yards away with a thermal scope taking shots at a battalion of troops with only moon and starlight to aid the troops. Of course the sniper is going to score more fatalities and injuries. He's shooting a people that can't see and have to wait for the flashes of his rifle to go off before they can attempt any attacks.

Let's not forget how easily a Dominion Battlecruiser that is 2x the size and 3x as strong as a Galaxy class ship, stomped the Defiant class Valiant. The Sovereign class is roughly the same size as a Galaxy class. The Valiant had a technobabble weapon and it still suffered a crushing defeat. Hell against 3 Jem'Hadar ships the Defiant was nearly blown apart with all hands lost. The only thing that saved the Defiant in "The Search" and not the crew of the Odyssey in "Jem' Hadar" was the magical plot device known as "Hero Shields".

As noted the Scimitar is 3x the size of the ENT-E, with 52 disruptors (ENT-E has 16 phasers), 27 photon torpedo bays (ENT-E has 9 photon and 1 quantum), primary and secondary shields (ENT-E only has primary but also abalative armor), a perfect cloak and a planet engulfing thalaron biogenic weapon.

Given the circumstances I doubt any single ship could do better than the ENT-E did. Best the ENT-E could manage was a stalemate but attempting a kamikaze attack. Another great thing about the NEM fight is there is no technobabble fix to get the cloak deactivated or the shields down.
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