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Re: How many transporter rooms on TOS Enterprise?

Makes good overall sense, really. But the subtle variations in the sets with time are actually pretty damning in terms of the standardized parts argument: it must be hellishly difficult to cope with a wall that is at a 23 degree angle with its corner companion one day, but at 28.5 degrees the next!

I'm not quite convinced that the location of the doorway would be a concern in this respect, psychologically, operationally or technologically. And the control console gives the appearance of being a rather generic, even modular and moveable, and ultimately "non-chiral" piece of equipment; flipping left and right would not appear necessary for its successful operation even if everything else in the room is flipped. (One wouldn't, say, need to number the pads counterclockwise in a "flipped" room if they are numbered clockwise in the set we see.)

Ultimately, I think I'll vote against the "two rooms flanking the corridor" model after all, on basis of most things being equal but only a single queue indeed being witnessed in "This Side"... Although of course we could make the point that the crew was not only abandoning the ship but also shutting it down to prevent the possibility of re-boarding, and might have started out by having the transporter chiefs shut down their respective rooms but for one.

Timo Saloniemi
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