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Re: David Mack teases The Fall: A Ceremony of Loses

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It's intersting how Garak is going to be showing up again. I don't recall him being in the DS9-Season 9 books since the Cardassia story in the Worlds trilogy.
Garak has appeared in several novels since Worlds of Deep Space Nine was published, including DSN: Fearful Symmetry, DSN: The Never-Ending Sacrifice, Terok Nor: Night of the Wolves, Destiny: Mere Mortals, and Typhon Pact: Brinkmanship.
I was always mildly worried that Garak's assignment to the position of Cardassian Ambassador to the Federation, as depicted in Mere Mortals and others, was a misunderstanding of what happened in "The Calling."

When Destiny was first being teased, we were informed that it came after "The Calling" chronologically. "The Calling" featured Garak appearing to be sent to Earth by what passed for the Cardassian government at the time, except that it never actually happened, it was all part of his vision in the Vinculum. So when Garak appeared as the ambassador on Earth in Destiny, I was like, "Noooo! That's not what happened! It was a dreeeaaam!"

Now, it certainly makes sense that Garak would be assigned as the ambassador - he's certainly the one with the most experience living and working with the Federation on friendly terms while remaining loyal to Cardassia. I was just afraid that they thought that had already been established prior to Destiny, when it hadn't actually.

And that's the kind of blow-it-out-of-all-proportion thoughts I suffer from constantly.

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