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Re: 2001 on the Big Screen

^^ Exactly my point.

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^ I think yes, on both counts.
Well, I disagree. But there's no way to settle the argument, since there will never be a remake.

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The point is that 2001, a big-budget, epic, leisurely paced, abstract and philosophical Science Fiction film with no explosions, space battles or other spectacular devastation would not be made today or appreciated by the mainstream audience if it were.
Well, sure, I guess if you put a dozen qualifiers with subjective definitions on it so it's easy to discard any similar examples or move the goalposts you can make it seem like no movie like that has ever been made in modern times...

How about Contact, to start? There's one whole explosion though, to satiate the bloodlust of modern audiences, so I guess that's disqualified.
That was sixteen years ago, and it was moderately successful, but we can count that as an exception if you want.

As for qualifiers, subjectiveness and goalposts-- be serious. You can't not be aware of well-known social trends that have been going on for your entire lifetime.
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