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Re: Purposing Federation Ships During the Dominion War

What i like best about NEM is that it shows just how tough the ENT-E is.
...Or, more probably, what a softie Shinzon was.

After all, he wanted to get Picard alive. He couldn't go all-out on the E-E, as his only known means of getting Picard were to get Picard to surrender, or to slip a boarding party aboard. He tried the softest way first, disabling the starship's warp drive with demonstrated ease and then talking to his "dad". Only when daddy showed the first signs of actually being able to fight back (with the Troi trick) did he upgrade to the boarding party trick, and he accomplished that trivially easily, by immediately blasting a hole in Picard's shields in a location least likely to directly harm Picard.

When the boarding party got stuck, it appears Shinzon gave up, and chose to ignore Picard's safety - at which point he again quite easily destroyed half the bridge of the E-E, and rendered the E-E unbattleworthy. The fight was over, Shinzon won. And then our heroes turned the tables, using means other than the weapons of their unexceptionally performing starship to wrestle victory out of Shinzon's hands after all.

Timo Saloniemi
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