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Re: My "Just Saw Insurrection For the First Time" Review.

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Insurrection is not that bad, for Pete's sake. Some of you act like it's Plan 9 or something.
It is one of the worst movies I've ever seen and the bottom of the Trek barrel. It is a prime example of what happens when you bow to star demands and have to many people involved in the writing process.
Having read Piller's book now, I want to thank everyone who suggested it and FOR MAKING ME FEEL BAD for not liking it.(Insurrection) Thannnnks a lot.
I have the Fade In pdf but haven't read it. Yes it's tragic that Piller died and can't really defend his work now. However seeing what he was writing on the first first 2 seasons of Voyager really does call in to question the quality of work he was putting out at the time of INS. While Piller remained a consultant on for Voyager in later season but you have to look at the two shows he launched. DS9 and VOY early seasons were less than stellar. DS9 was boring and VOY was so frustating i felt like punching a hole in my tv. When Piller left both Jeri Ryan, Brannon Braga took over VOY and it slowly became the show it ended up as. Im presently in season 5 and it's superior to the early seasons in many ways. Ira Steven Behr and Ron D. Moore were instrumental in shaping DS9 after season 2 to build up to it's signature recognized storyline, the Dominion War. Piller is great for all he did for Trek but the man did have some stinkers on his record. I read on Memory Alpha that even Ira Steven Behr found INS script weak.

Strange how history remembers your faults over your triumphs .
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