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Re: Purposing Federation Ships During the Dominion War

What i like best about NEM is that it shows just how tough the ENT-E is. In an uphill battle trying to fight and enemy they can't see, that is 3x the size of the ENT-E with 3x the fire power and 2x the shield power the ENT-E has. After the massive pounding the ENT-E takes from the Scimitar, having 2 large parts of the Valdore ship careen it to it, the enterprise starts taking physical damage with parts of the hull being blown away. This is right before Troi uses her telepathy to find the Scimitar and they do an awesome blitz on it with phasers, quantum and photon torpedoes. Had this been a fair fight, and by fair I mean no cloak the ENT-E could've come out triumphant.

During the Dominion campaign something as badass as the Sovereign or Prometheus would clean Dominion battleships. Phased Polaron weapons be damned!
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