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Re: Feline Follies

Update on Banshee:
We brought her home from the vet today after having her tail amputated, and if you were just judging her on the way she's acting, you wouldn't think there's anything wrong with her at all! She's adjusted quite well, and is playing and eating just like any other kitten, not to mention her very sweet personality. She does have at least partial control over her bladder, and from the vet's assessment of her flank injury, we're hopeful that she'll recover some control of her bowels. We're having to keep her in a kitty carrier by the bed at night, and we've set up our large dog crate (5'x3'x3') for her to stay in when we're away. This both so that she doesn't poop/pee all over the house, but she also needs to be confined while she heals. She'll go back to the vet in about 10 days to have the stitches and drainage tubes removed.

I've attached a picture that shows her tailless backside and sewn-up flank, but I put it in spoilers in case anyone's bothered by stitches and drainage tubes.
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