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Re: How Would You Reboot TNG Into The Abrams-Verse?

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TNG doesn't need a bloody reboot!
Have to agree TNG doesn't need a reboot, but it's just a bit of fun so I'll bite.

Picard - More French. More of its culture and language, rather than a wannabe Englishman. Make him very much a statesman, great at diplomacy and pontificating.
Riker - Younger and cockier. If Kirk can go from Cadet to Lieutenant to Captain, Riker has to at least skipped from Ensign to Commander. Buffer and hotter as well.
B. Crusher - Make her sassier, more of a foil for Picard. A firey and passionate redhead who is always willing to stand up to him. Ramp up the will they/won't they sexual tension.
Data - Make him less robotic from the beginning (he's been in Starfleet for 20 odd years by now). Have him serve as the ship's Science Officer.
Troi - Attractive and alluring, but also needs to be taken seriously. Make more use of her empathic and/or telepathic abilities. Again more sexual tension with her and Riker.
Yar - Tough and spunky. Give her a much harder edge from her childhood, serious trust issues and bitterness at the perfect lives others have had.
LaForge - Promote him to full Lieutenant and Chief Engineer from the start. Maybe play around with his and Data's "friendship", maybe there's something more to it?
Worf - Thought about leaving him out. Instead, leave him at the Conn, make him more human (since that was how he was raised), and less to do with his honour.
W. Crusher - Have him as a Cadet on a training cruise, serving as Communications Officer. Drop the child genius crap, maybe he thinks he's better than he actually is.

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I wonder what an Abrams-verse Enterprise D would look like?
It would be at least 3 miles long and have a crew of 100,000.
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