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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Assassination. Klingon Chancellor Gorkon was the victim of one in 2293.
B is for bridge. Every starship's got one.
C is for Colonel West. Starfleet Assassin.
D is for Data's head. It spent 475 years in an underground cavern beneath San Francisco, and it's there even in the J.J. Abrams timeline.
E is for Enterprise. NCC-1701.
F is for Fan Dance. Uhura was terrific at it.
G is for God Slaying. Something Kirk was good at.
H is for the Horta. A silicon-based lifeform that probably poops breast implants.
I for Independence. The Kriosians won theirs from the Klingon Empire in the year 2367.
J is for James Tiberius Kirk. Captain of the Enterprise.
K is for Kirk, James Tiberius. Captain of the Enterprise.
L is for Leonard James Akaar. High Teer of the Ten Tribes of Capella IV.
M is for Melota. The second half of the eponymous pair in one of the greatest Klingon operas ever written.
N is for nanoprobes. In real life they're almost here. Ain't PBS informative?
O is for Obsidian Order. The face of terror behind the Cardassian regime for generations.
P is for Picard. A glass of 2347 Chateau Picard that is.
Q is for Quasars. The Enterprise 1701 studied a particularly fascinating one during the visit of Federation High Commissioner Ferris in 2267.
R is for Rectyne Monopod.
S is for Soliton Waves.
T is for Talosian Keeper.
U is for Universal Suffrage. Let the women work too.
V is for Valkris. The first female Klingon we ever saw with head ridges.
W is for Warp Factor 9. She'll blow soon!
X is for Xindi Test Probe. It blew the hell out of Florida.
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