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Re: The Hunted (nBSG)

“GET OFF ME!” Sam roared. “I’M NOT A FRACKING CYLON!” But the four Marines holding him in place and walking him down the corridors were simply too much for even his adrenaline fueled rage.

Somehow, they maneuvered into the cramped brig, where the guards already had the cell adjacent to Cavil open and waiting.

“On three,” a Marine said, “one, two, three!” And they hurled Sam within. The star player of the Caprica Buccaneers hit the wall and fell to the floor, but he jumped back up only to see the cell door close and lock in his face.

“Oh, you miserable morons! I’M NOT A CYLON!” he bellowed as he tried shaking the bars—but the cell was solidly built and they didn’t budge.

“I don’t know, man,” one of Marines said as he rubbed his bruised jaw. “You’ve got one hell of a right punch.”

Sam cursed and he began to pace. “At least let me speak with the Commander,” he said. And then he lowered his head. “Sorry about that; I was—I am—a little bit pissed off right now.”

“Look,” the Marine said, “I don’t know what is going on, we just had orders to get you in here—without hurting you.”

“Don’t talk to the prisoner,” growled one of the masters-at-arms, and the Marine held up one hand and a single digit—his middle finger—in answer.

“You want to go before the Captain’s Mast, jarhead?” the crewman growled.

“You want to go see the Surgeon, deck ape?” the Marine answered.

Before the master-at-arms could reply, through the still closed hatch stepped Colonel Jayne. “Both of you belay that this minute,” he snapped.

“Petty Officer Lanner,” he said. “Mister Anders is in protective custody at the moment—he has not been charged with an offense and he isn’t going to be charged with an offense. He is not a prisoner. Corporal Gan, I hear you disrespect one of the masters-at-arms again and I will have Gunny tear you a new asshole so big we could land a Raptor there. Both of you understand me?”

“Aye, aye, Sir!” the two yelled.

Cavil smiled from his bunk in the next cell and spread his hands. “Children,” he said as if that explained everything.

“Mister Anders,” Tom said as he stepped forward. "I understand that this is difficult—believe me, I do. And the Commander will be down here to talk to you—right now though, I need you alert, trooper,” he said snapping his fingers and Sam Anders looked at him. “Don’t go off the deep end on me—I don’t want to put you on suicide watch.”

“This is a mistake, Colonel. You can’t believe him—I’m not a Cylon.”

“That call is not up to me, Mister Anders. The Commander will explain everything.”

“That would be a miracle,” said Cavil with a chuckle. “No one ever explains everything.”

Tom frowned at the Cylon. “Don’t make me order you gagged,” he growled. And Cavil held up his hands and kept his lips shut.

************************************************** **

Sam Caldwell had a worried look on her face—Daniel seemed skittish. He didn’t like not having his brushes and he really didn’t like the armed guards escorting the two of them through the corridors of Scorpia. “It’s okay Danny,” she said. “They aren’t going to hurt you—they are going to keep you safe. Look at me,” she said, and the young man looked up. “You are going to have to stay in one spot for a few days—you can’t go roaming. Can you do that?”

Daniel nodded. And Sam smiled. “Okay, Danny. Come on,” she said as she stepped across the hatch coaming into the brig.

And Daniel smiled. And for the first time since Sam Caldwell had known him, Daniel spoke. “Hello John. Hello Samuel,” he said.

And the two of them turned to face him. “Who the frack are you?” both asked at the same time.

Daniel smiled again. “From untruth lead us to Truth,” he said as he walked up to Sam and took his hand through the bars. “From darkness lead us to Light,” as he did the same to Cavil. Tom held up a hand to stop the Marines and masters-at-arms from grabbing the boy. Daniel smiled as he held both of their hands. “From death lead us to Immortality.”

And exactly in time with the boys final words, both Sam and Cavil answered in unison, “That we might learn Peace.”

“Daniel?” asked Cavil. “You are so young, Daniel!” and his voice was almost bordering on reverence.

“Oh, frack me,” Sam whispered as he sank to the floor. “I remember. Oh Lords of Kobol, I remember everything!”

Daniel turned around and he smiled at Sam and Tom and the guards. “Colonel Jayne, I am Doctor Daniel Graystone—at your service.”
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